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koyosonic has been manufacturing deep-cycle, flooded batteries for more than three generations.

Our experience has shown that the key factor to achieving optimum performance and long battery life is to follow a regular care and maintenance program.

While reviewing our battery maintenance tips, please keep in mind that all battery systems are unique. Battery type, charger technology, equipment loads, cable size, climate, and other factors can all vary. Slight or significant, these differences will require battery maintenance to be adjusted accordingly. These are only guidelines to follow for proper battery care. Each particular system will always require a degree of customized attention.

Before Getting Started
Achieving Optimum Performance and Long Battery Life

Before Getting Started

  • Make sure you know your system voltage, battery compartment size (length, width and height) and your energy needs.
  • Determine whether you want to use a deep-cycle flooded, AGM or gel battery.

Step 1: Determine Your Battery Voltage And How Many Batteries To Use

1-1 Based on your system voltage, you must first decide which battery is needed and how many to use in order to meet your requirements. For example, you may connect a series of eight 6V batteries, six 8V batteries or four 12V batteries for a 48-volt system. The size of your battery compartment, your performance requirements and costs may limit your options.
1-2 Make sure there is enough space between batteries to allow for minor battery expansion that occurs during use and to allow proper airflow to keep battery temperature down in hot environments.

Connecting batteries in series does not increase the capacity of the batteries; it simply increases the overall voltage to meet your system requirements. Once your voltage requirements are met, and if space allows, you can double the batteries in a parallel connection — thereby doubling your battery capacity. See diagrams below.

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