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Brief Introduction

Koyosonic, a good supplier in power solution,has been specialized in developing and producing Lead-acid batteries, Li-ion batteries, Solar Items and Battery Chargers since 1999. As one of professional manufacturers, we have been devoted to research and development, manufacture and market to lead users to have right batteries for right power system.

Our Lead-acid batteries include AGM batteries and SLI batteries. AGM batteries are also called as VRLA batteries, mainly including NP General batteries, NPC Deep-Cycle batteries, NPH High-Rate batteries, NPL Long-Life batteries, NPF Front-Terminal batteries, NPM Motive-Powerbatteries, NPG/NPCG/NPMG/NPFG Gel batteries, NPS Solar-Power batteries, CB Lead Carbon Batteries, LC Lead Crystal Batteries, and OPzV& OPzS tubular batteries. For SLI batteries, we mainly have Automotive batteries and Motorcycle batteries.

In 2015, we started to produce Li-ion batteries, mainly including LiFePO4 cells and LiFePO4 packs which cover LFP series of LiFePO4 replacement batteries, PR series of PowerRack batteries and PW series of PowerWall batteries. In order to make our batteries work much better, we have designed and produced 3-stage chargers and 8-stage chargers for our batteries. Most of our customers are also very happy with our battery chargers.

We have used advanced production and test equipment to produce and check batteries to make no quality problem 100%. We have first-class technology and unique directions for the batteries. Furthermore, we introduced YM technology ( a special technologyin battery plates ) to add some chemical microelementto be anticorrosive in battery plates, founded by anexpert in electrochemistry named as Doctor YoshidaMasayoshi in Toyama University in Japan. Professor Yoshida Masayoshi also offered us a kind ofspecial additive in mixing lead paste so that the activematerial cannot drop off from grid after vibration for3 times based on Japanese Industrial Standard.

We have more than 600 staff members among whom there are more than 50 professional technicians. This ensures our products are much better in performance and reliable in quality. We have gotten production license from National Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau and also we have gotten some international certificates such as UL, CE, TLC, OHAS and ISO9001 & ISO14001.

In market, we mainly produce batteries against OEM and ODM for some well-known international companies. Nowadays, we are going to market our own brand “Koyosonic” and welcome customers to visit us for more negotiation in our business cooperation.

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