PR Series of Power-Rack Batteries

Koyosonic has rigorously selected and tested best-in-class Lithium Iron Phosphate cells that are assembled in this product, in order to provide high lifespan and performance. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) is currently the best solution for storing energy, because of its durability, its high safety and its technical superiority compared to other technologies on the market. PowerRack batteries are fitted in a 19 inches cabinet for space saving and increased energy density. Standard 19 inches cabinet format allow to be fully compatible with some professional application such as back-up telecom batteries, UPS systems, sub-station, and some industrial systems.

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PowerRack battery is a powerful and scalable Lithium Iron Phosphate Energy Storage System for a wide variety of energy storage applications, suc as  heavy traction, stationary, industry, UPS, telecommunications, weak and off-grid, self-consumption systems, smart-grid, etc.
Power key (for BMS On/Off). Terminal fit up to 2 AWG wire. Create 48 Volt Storage Systems. Connect in parallel, up to 16 for 81,920 Watts. Automatic system cell balancing. All parameters available on LCD display. Temperature monitoring (high and low cut-off), 6 temperature sensors. Exceptional voltage stability Maintenance-free
rnrnrnNo hydrogen generation or gassing. Less than 70% the weight of similarly sized SLA batteries.
General Specifications
Model Volt
(Ah )
(A )
Dimension (mm) Approx.
Weight (Kg)
L W H T.H.
RP50-48 48 50 50 483 440 134 134 28 RS485/232/CAN
RP100-48 48 100 100 483 440 178 78 45 RS485/232/CAN
RP200-48 48 200 100 483 440 178 178 85 RS485/232/CAN
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